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We are Stefania and Francesco, Stefy & Fra.

I have been in fashion industry with clothes, footwear and accessories for almost 15 years and Fra loves marketing and design so we decided to put our passions together and create this blog.


We’re both from Italy, but I’m also half Finnish from my mother’s side. We love travelling and have friends around the globe, that’s why for us it comes natural to write in English.

My family roots are in shoemakers and cobblers from Finnish side and my Italian grandfather was a tailor. Maybe that's why I love shoes and clothes! It runs in my blood! :) When I was 12 I moved from Napoli to Finland with my family.


Let’s say that it took many years for me to find my own personal style, but it depends also how I feel and in what mood I am in, sometimes I love casual loose jeans with a t-shirt but I do also love elegant feminine dresses. Over the years I got different fashion inspiration from different cultures and countries, that’s why in the product reviews there is certainly something for everyone. Now being a mom of 3 kids under 7 and getting closer to the age of 40, I really appreciate good quality and still affordable fashion and beauty products… these kind of products you can find in our reviews.


We have an affiliate program with, but don’t worry if you don’t know German, it’s easy to change the page translation to English. We put German as we live in Finland and it’s one of the few countries that sends items here. We are just getting started and now we’re looking to expand our affiliate programs with more companies.


Behind the scenes, my husband, Francesco takes care of marketing, advertising and everything that is technical. You can find his love for design on “Print on demand”, you have to have a look if you want good quality clothing with cool design, something different that not everyone has!

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We are here to find and recommend the best of  Fashion and Beauty Products, all in one easy to use website.


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04/02/2020 Created by Stefy&Fra