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How to wear and not to wear! Great tips

Updated: Jan 6

The world of fashion has been rapidly changing in the last two decades because of fast fashion. We have been witnessing new styles, trends, and even old trends making a huge comeback.

Fashion is a world where you can experiment with anything and it can turn out either great or a disaster. The world of fashion has some rules so next time when you're visiting a fashion store to buy some clothes keep in mind these.

We are going to tell you the do’s and don’ts of dressing.


Here are some fashion rules that you must abide by if you want to look chic and classy.


· Try to stick to one print at a time. For example, if you are wearing floral print just wear a floral print dress or a shirt and match it with plain tights or pants.

· Want to look taller and slimmer? Wear vertical stripes.

· Want to look broader? Wear horizontal stripes.

· Wear an animal printed upper over a monochrome outfit.

· Cheque pants and blazers go well together.


· When it comes to fashion accessories less is more. Three to five pieces of jewelry are more than enough, and you can easily pull off the looks with the help of them.

· Gold hoop earrings can be easily worn at all casual events.

· Link necklaces are your best friends for casual events.

· Large and chunky earrings are best for formal events.

· Wear only the same color or type of jewelry. For example, wear a pearl bracelet with a pearl necklace or earrings.


· Nude Pumps are your best friend, they go with every print, color and fashion dresses.

· Stilettos are for both formal and casual events.

· Wear comfortable shoes and the right size of shoes.

· Shoes with pointed toes goes with every outfit and make you look expensive.


· Wear any color at a wedding ceremony except white.

· Monochromatic outfits can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

· Black and white look good together.

· Basic colors should always be in your closet.


· Carry small evening bags at formal events. The large-sized bags should be for offices or for casual events.

· If the color of the bag matches your shoes, it’s a plus.


· Sunglasses can easily lift up your outfit and it is one of the best fashion accessories.

· Choose sunglasses according to your face shape.


· If you are wearing a tight-fitted shirt, wear a loose bottom, and similarly if you are wearing a loose shirt wear a tightly fitted bottom.

· Wear clothes that fit well.

· Dress according to events you are attending. Wear formal clothes at formal events and wear casual clothes at casual events.


The fashion dont's that you need to remember before you go to a fashion store.


· Don’t combine more than two prints together in an outfit.

· Two different animal prints will never go together.


· Don’t wear jewelry that jingles or make noise.

· Don’t wear silver and gold jewelry together.

· Don’t wear pearl and bead jewelry together.

· If your outfit has gold button and zipper, then don’t wear silver jewelry.

· Don’t wear heavy necklace and earrings when your dress already has heavy embellishments.

· Don’t wear a casual watch or earrings with classy fashion dresses.


· Don’t wear sporty shoes like sneakers with classy fashion dresses like maxi dresses.

· Uncomfortable shoes will make you look uncomfortable and tensed.

· Don’t wear shiny shoes with a shiny dress.

· Don’t match the shoes with your dress color; we are not in 80’s anymore.

· Don’t ever wear socks with sandals or any open shoes.


· Mixing two seasons like fall and spring together in an outfit is a big no.

· Cropped culottes can make you look shorter.

· Don’t wear too many colors at once.

· If your clothes are uncomfortable to wear, then don’t wear them.

· Narrow skirts that make walking difficult should not be worn.

· Don’t wear loose shirts with loose pants.

· Don’t wear tight shirts with tight pants.

· Don’t wear casual jacket with a sequined or sparkly dress.


· Black and dark brown don’t go together.

· Black and navy also don’t go together.

· Don’t wear colorful undergarments if you are wearing see through clothes.

Hope you enjoyed this post and let us know what you think and comment below… or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

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Soon I’ll write a post about how to dress like an Italian, a topic that is a lifestyle to me and hopefully interesting to you.

All the best, Stefy&Fra

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