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L'Erbolario: Argan Oil Body Cream 250 ml

Updated: Jan 6

The arid and hot climate of the lands of Morocco hold the ideal environment for the Argan Tree to thrive during its 150 to 200 year life span. The oil extracted from the Argan Nut is referred to as "liquid gold". It is rare in the sense that 50 kilograms of fruit are needed to produce just 1 liter of oil, and it is precious due to its heavy content of fatty acids and vitamin E. It is an ingredient specifically chosen by L'Erbolario for its properties and ability to revitalize skin and hair and help restore them to a natural freshness. Argan Body Cream by L'Erbolario is exactly what the body craves after a bath or shower, not just a treatment that assures that skin will feel comfortable and soft, but also that the skin will be restored its firmness, tone and elasticity. The addition of many ingredients including the extract of Argan leaves assures this feeling along with a more luminous look to the skin. Each jar contains 8.5 fluid ounces (250 ml.) of Argan perfumed body cream by L'Erbolario

Body creams are something I love and this one is one that is on top of my list!

L’Erbolario is an amazing brand from Italy and this Argan oil body cream is 100% made there which means that the product is developed and manufactured in the location of Lodi.

It’s dermatologically tested and there are no animal-derived ingredients. No silicones, parabens, and petrolatum. Paraben-free, natural cosmetic product. Suitable for vegans.

All the products are clinically tested and certified by the University of Pavia.

This cream helps your skin stay extra toned thanks to its antioxidant action… preventing sagging, dryness, chapping, and flaking. Your skin will be moisturized, wonderfully soft and glowing.

It absorbs quickly and it has a wonderful, nutty fragrance which is very delicate so it will not interfere with the use of perfumes.

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