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The Fashion world is a crazy place!!!

I love Fashion, work in Fashion, reading about Fashion, thinking about Fashion and a very large part of my life actually revolves around Fashion.

I like to talk about Fashion and I believe my friends and relatives usually are ok with this, some of them even developed an interest in it.

But every time I show pictures from the catwalk comes a sentence I basically cannot avoid: This is UNWEARABLE.

This year's trends have well been the most shocking fashion faux pas to have ever taken the world by storm. It seems as if a designers decide to introduced to an all-new fashion disaster.

A couple of months ago, we saw the birth of lace shorts and it seems as if we’ve evolved since then, and now I’m going to introduce you to the abomination that is: clear plastic Pants.

The Fashion industry as it underlines its terrible inability to communicate with consume.

But the Fashion world is so closed, so secret it is very complicated for outsiders .

We are talking about High, Creative Fashion here, made by designers and usually marketed as luxury goods, not casual and everyday-life fashion from H&M, Zara, Nike and other mass-market brands.

Actually, those bizarre pieces you see on the runway will never end up in boutiques and department stores. But why are they showcased then and why are we spending so much on showing something that must, by any logic, be completely unprofitable?

Our opinion is just a way to get attention so that every one talks about.

Why do you think are they showcased then?

Please let us know in the comment below.


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