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VOVEES: Lifting Instant Impact Wrinkle

Updated: Jan 13

If you want a lifting instant impact wrinkle serum that is really effective in a very short time, then choose this one!

It has immediate effect - wrinkle imperfections are reduced in less than 15 minutes with a botulinum effect!

This smoothing serum replenishes the deep wrinkles of the skin, they will become less visible and lighter… while the thinner ones can disappear in hours.

Thanks to the very easy application and high absorbability, you can apply anti-aging serum gel several times a day for a long-lasting anti-aging plumping effect.

Cucumber juice and other ingredients give deep hydration to the skin and make the gel protective, toning, restructuring, refreshing, and rich in film-forming properties.

It is a pleasure to use the makeup base after drying the serum, I rejuvenate a lot!

Good without makeup, with the base it is gorgeous, natural, and fantastic.

This anti-wrinkle serum holds several surprises. First of all, it does not have that chemical smell that anti-wrinkle serums often have but it has a very light and very pleasant fragrance. Secondly, it has a liquid consistency but absolutely not dry, quite the contrary! It is slightly moisturizing and makes the skin very soft after application.

100% Made in Italy: Regenerating anti-aging gel, without dyes, parabens, Vaseline or SLS / SLES, developed and produced entirely in Vovees pharmaceutical laboratories with the highest quality standards.

It’s very hard to find a lifting instant impact wrinkle serum as effective as this! It respects the Ph of the skin, relaxes the signs of the face, and leaves the skin fresh, hydrated, more relaxed, and more toned!

- Indications: The first application in the morning is recommended for well-cleansed skin, before any make-up or alternative cream. In about 15 minutes every active ingredient will be absorbed and the first results will be seen. Repeat the operation several times a day to increase the results and keep them constant over time.

Who doesn’t want a brighter, healthier, fresher, and younger skin?

Get this serum on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2YsgczO.

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